Yoga supporting the whole school community.

Based in South London, Yoga 4 Community is a collective of yoga teachers dedicated to bringing the benefits of yoga to their local school communities.

We teach yoga with breath awareness. We guide you into relaxation. We teach you how to breathe evenly from the diaphragm and how to synchronize your breath with movement.  

Research on yoga with breath awareness has proven that it calms the nervous system, increases concentration and releases tension in the body.

We would like to furnish the whole school community with the tools to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Our aim is to embed these practices into the school day, as a tool for learning and a tool for life.

What we can offer

Sustainable and affordable solutions for your school. All classes Covid risk assessed.


Wellbeing Days

A one-off taster day of yoga classes for either the whole school, EYFS, KS1, KS2 or KS3 focusing on breath awareness, positive mindfulness or meditation. £250 - £500 depending on requirements.


Yoga classes for children

Yoga classes for children to enable connection, calmness and optimal concentration. We offer a flexible and versatile timetable suited to your school, for example full day or half day bookings including early morning, lunchtime or after school sessions. We can teach whole classes or small groups, in the hall or in the classroom. £50 upwards.


Yoga classes for parents and staff

Yoga classes for staff before the school day begins and after school to enjoy the 3 Rs - Relax, Release and Recharge. Classes for parents to ease transition at drop-off and pick up, with a parallel class offered for their children. £50 upwards.

Prices available on request to suit the budget of the school. Discounted block bookings, introductory offers and free taster sessions available.

The Research: Evidence-based yoga and the importance of breathing well

The following links provide an easy to follow guide of the benefits of yoga and breath with evidence and research from credible, trusted and reliable sources.

More than just a game: Yoga for school-age children Harvard Medical School (3 min read)

What are the health benefits of yoga? Medical News Today (3 min read)

Effect of mindfulness and yoga on quality of life for elementary school students and teachers Dove Press Journal: Psychology Research and and Behaviour Management (5 min read)

More articles can be read here.

Who we are

Lesley Collinson

Founding member

As a primary school teacher with over 17 years experience of raising standards, Lesley has seen first hand the impact of yoga to children's wellbeing and academic progress and achievement. She would love to see more schools gaining from the benefits that yoga has to offer.

Jane Dodson

Founding Member

Jane has practiced yoga for over 10 years and gained her teaching certificate in 2019. She is passionate about providing opportunities for children to enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing, both through yoga and her work in youth theatre.

Jane and Lesley completed their teacher training at The Shala School of Yoga,  a well respected studio in South London with a reputation for delivering authentic teacher training of the highest quality. Jane and Lesley are insured to teach and are DBS checked.

Get in touch

We'd love to talk about how we could bring the benefits of yoga to your school.

Phone: 07801 985321 (Lesley)

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